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APEC Policy:

Here are a few APEC policies and procedures you
should be aware of. Please note that these processes are in place for a reason, and they are strictly adhered to.  If you would like to fill out a dealer application,contact the APEC office and we will fax or mail you the necessary paperwork.


Automated Petroleum & Energy Co., Inc.

Prospective Dealers Please Read:
If you are considering leasing an APEC location, here are a few things you should know.

1)  The new rent for your location will be calculated by the Territory Manager.  The site's current rent rate is not transferable.

2)  Successful completion of the training class is mandatory before a lease and contract will be prepared.  For more information on training, click here.

3)  You may find it beneficial to attend training and receive a new rent quote before you pay money or sign paperwork with a broker or current dealer.


The Process:  It is important to follow these steps in order!

1)  After determining which location your are interested in, contact the Territory Manager and request a. review Back at a later time for the application,

or contact  Ken  at

2)  After receiving your completed application, the Territory Manager will contact you with a new rent amount.  If you choose to move forward, you will be enrolled in training.

3)  At this time, you should close the sale with the broker or current dealer.

4)  APEC will require prepayment of first month's expenses plus a security deposit. After this is paid in full, your Territory Manager will give you a letter of intent that you can use to get licensing and insurance.

5)  After you have completed the training class, paid all monies due, and have submitted all the required paperwork, a lease and contract will be prepared.

6)  Your Territory Manager will contact you to schedule a date for closing.  All leases are effective on the first day of the month.  This process may take up to 8 weeks.

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