Training & Development

The APEC Basic Training course is required for all new dealers regardless of
industry experience. The class is designed to help prepare students for successful store operations and management.  Topics covered will be APEC
policy and procedure, reviewing the APEC lease and contract, and discussing proven c-store management and petroleum marketing techniques

Dealer application

APEC Dealer Training Information:


Quick Facts About Training:
When:  Generally, classes start on the first Monday of every month.  
See the schedule below for projected start dates. Each session starts
on a Monday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sessions end Friday afternoon.

Where:  Training is conducted at the main APEC office in Brandon,Florida.


How long:  Training is conducted for 12 business days.  Monday
through Friday for two weeks, and then Monday and Tuesday of the
third week. (in the event of a large class, we may split Commander

training into two. first class will be Monday and Tuesday, second will

be Wednesday and Thursday)

How much:  Training is $900 per location.  Up to 2 people total may
attend from each site at no extra charge.  After you enter the station,
you may elect to repeat certain courses at no additional charge.  
Course materials and daily lunch is included in the tuition.

Requirements:  Attendance is required, and points are deducted for
absenteeism.  All participants must wear a brand uniform (brand shirt
with logo) to each session.


If Circle K Training, no RUBY/SAPPHIRE training that month

TRAINING SESSIONS:                                 RUBY


#1  ...January 12th thru January 22nd                                   CIRCLE K TRAINING

#2  ...February 8th thru February 17th                                   February 18th and Feruary 19th

#3  ...March 8th thru March 17th                                           CIRCLE K TRAINING

#4  ...April 5th thru April 17th                                                  APEC

#5  ...May 4th thru May 14th                                                  CIRCLE K TRAINING

#6  ...June 8th thru June 16th                                                June 17th and June 18th

#7  ...July 13th thru July 23rd                                                 CIRCLE K TRAINING

#8  ...August 2nd thru August 11th                                         August 12th and August 13th

#9  ...September 14th thru September 24th                           CIRCLE K TRAINING

#10 ..October 4th thru October 13th                                      October 14th and October 15th

#11 ..November 2nd thru November 12th                              CIRCLE K TRAINING

#12 ..December 6th thru December 15th                               December 15th and December 16th

Dates are subject to change, please contact:
Ken Beardsley, Training Manager
(813) 681-4279 extension 217 or e-mail at



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BP V900      800-467-7898

Chevron      888-777-1891

Citgo            888-889-7829

ExxonMobil 888-976-5022

Marathon     888-428-8384

Phillips         800-227-3091

Shell             888-318-5373

Sunoco        800-480-5848

APEC           888-367-3695